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In New Jersey, knowing where to turn during a vehicle emergency is critical to minimize the potential damages to your health and property. Our towing department at Certified Auto Mall is equipped with an experienced crew and the right equipment to get any job done. In fact, we take pride in being able to handle even the most unusual situations that other tow companies might turn down. Heavy duty towing is one of our specialty areas, and we can help with everything from truck rollovers to tractor swaps and HAZMAT clean ups. When you've got a problem, we've got a solution that gets you and your vehicle back on the road.


Choose Experienced Heavy Duty Towing

We hire our crew members for their commitment to be the best in the industry, but we don't stop there. Each member of our crew attends WreckMaster Training classes. With some of our operators attending Miller Industries Ring Leader Training program, as well as taking the NJ Traffic Incident Management Certification Course. We also include regular training events in our crew's schedule to make sure that safety and following the best practices for heavy duty towing and recovery is always at the forefront of their minds.

Check Out Our Full Fleet of Specialized Recovery Vehicles

A highly qualified crew should only work with a full fleet of specialized recovery vehicles that allows them to quickly and efficiently handle any situation. With heavy duty recovery situations, time is of the essence and the utmost of care must be taken to avoid damaging the vehicle or the environment. In addition to light duty tow trucks and flatbeds, we also have several heavy duty recovery vehicles in our fleet. Our 40 ton rotator and 50 ton rotator are fully capable of getting your construction vehicle, RV or big rig back to safety.

Protect Valuable Vehicles With White Glove Care

Whether you own a fleet of oversized tour buses or just drive your big rig for work, your vehicles are one of your biggest assets. Improper towing practices can sadly add up to expensive damage that is costly to repair, and you never need to add another problem to an already sticky situation. Our crew treats every vehicle that they come to recover with white gloves that ensures that your biggest assets are protected during complicated recovery situations. From the moment that your tow truck driver arrives, they are constantly assessing the situation to see what they can do to move your vehicle with as little damage as possible.

Expect Reliable 24/7 Services and Assistance

When a heavy duty vehicle breaks down or gets stuck, it is an emergency. For this reason, we keep a team on staff around the clock so that you never wait long for help during a bad situation. Whether you need someone to move your tour bus on the weekend or have a construction vehicle get stuck during late night road repairs, we'll be there promptly to get the situation under control.

When you need heavy duty towing and recovery assistance, don't delay. Make sure to keep our information handy so that you can quickly receive reliable help that you need to get you on your way.

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